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AWC Scotland Co, North Carolina courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service

This is the Atlantic white cedar (AWC) website devoted to Chamaecyparis thyoides, a coniferous, evergreen tree native to the Atlantic coast of North America from Maine to Georgia with a separate population on the Gulf of Mexico coast from Florida to Mississippi. You may also know this tree by one of its other common names such as southern white-cedar, white-cedar, and swamp-cedar.

The purpose of this website is to collect science-based information on the ecology, management, utilization, and restoration of Atlantic white cedar. Please use the Navigation links on the left side of this page to explore information about this very unique tree species and the free resources available on this website.

Materials linked and displayed on these pages are provided through a grant by the US Fish and Wildlife Services along with support by many volunteers and organizations devoted to restoring and sustaining Atlantic white cedar in the United States. An advisory board made up of researchers, commercial organizations, and natural resources government agencies, meets quarterly to review content and determine website updates.

To learn more about the Atlantic White Cedar Initiative, please visit the Contact & Support page. We encourage your feedback, corrections, and suggested items for inclusion in this website.

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